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Couple Photos

If you are looking to get engagement or wedding photos or simply wanting to update some photos in your home of you and your significant other, I have a package to fit your need. Contact me for a custom quote. Packages starting as low as $100.
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Branding Photos

Are you needing some photos to help build your brand? Contact me for a customized package to fit your needs. Packages starting as low as $100.
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Family Photos

Family photos are covered in an hour session. I will work with you to nail down a single location and request no outfit changes during this time. Once I have edited your photos, you will receive a minimum of 10 fully edited images in a high-resolution online gallery. The online gallery will allow you to download images for printing. Packages start at $100.
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Meet Sarah Jane

When I had my sweet baby girl I struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety. I felt so lost. I didn’t trust in my ability to be a parent, let alone a good one. I was convinced in my head that I’d end up ruining them. I was constantly on edge. I hated myself in ways I had never before experienced and was paralyzed by “what if’s”.

After allowing time to pass and seeking counsel, therapy, and much-needed prayer, I think one thing was made clear. I was not alone and I was going to be ok. I was encouraged to find a creative outlet that allowed me to just enjoy myself and life. Something that gave me a break from being locked up inside my house. Something that allowed me to connect with others.

When I took my daughter’s newborn photos myself on my trusty iPhone, I didn’t know that then I was also birthing a new adventure of sorts. One of healing and confidence-building. One of creativity and learning. I didn’t know then that part of my healing was going to be found in chasing a dream I had buried when motherhood hit me hard with my firstborn. I didn’t realize that my healing was going to be in taking control of the narrative of my life. I am living in the very days that one day I would look back and wish time had slowed down and that more moments were captured but also that too much time was being spent in “one day”.

Thanks to my husband, I was given the extra push and encouragement I needed to take a leap and decided to start my own photography business.

Sarah Jane Captured Moments was birthed in a time of confusion, need, healing, and growth. As I capture beautiful moments of families around me, I am hopeful that I can also add value and build someone else’s confidence. To remind them that life is beautiful, they are beautiful. The love they have in their partner or the joy they have created in the family they have grown together is all beautiful and worthy of being celebrated.

Celebrate life with me. Celebrate life with others. Celebrate you and capture the moments that will make up the good ol days when you look back on your life one day.

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Captured Moments with Purpose

Book with Purpose

After discovering that photography was part of my healing journey postpartum, I decided I wanted to give back in some way. That is when I decided that 10% of my proceeds would be going towards helping new mommas get the help and support they need. 

Here is Houston, the best support I found was in local professionals such as lactation consultations, postpartum doulas, and other mental professionals. I found they were the most equipped however also the most lacking in availability and funding.

Frequently Asked Questions


All packages (outside of my mini sessions) start at $100. 

Mini sessions are a great way to get a few photos for your home at a lower rate. I often advertise my mini sessions on my social media platforms. 

Typically my 1-hour package comes with 1 location, no outfit change, a minimum of 10 fully edited photos, online gallery, and access to high-resolution downloads

Not as this time. I offer high-resolution downloads that allow you to print at your local store of choosing. I have a waiver available to provide printing rights. 

Hi-Resolution downloads

Every package comes with hi-resolution downloads for you to be able to print at your local print shop.

Online Gallery

You will have access to a beautiful online gallery to view your fully edited photos.

Social Highlights

Your photos will be highlighted on both my Instagram and Facebook Business Page.

CaptureYour Moments

Thank you for reaching out about booking a session to capture your moments. Please allow 1-2 business days for a response. I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

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Capture your moments by booking a session with me. Simply call or email me so we can discuss your needs and schedule. 

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